Q Cleanup

This plugin allows you to delete unused and leftover files from upload dir.
In one click you can rid of all unwanted files and reduce space usage.

Some very useful plugins like Regenerate Thumbnails leaves old files behind, so it is good practice to clean after it.


  • Remove all unused files from upload dir
    (Unattached files to post or page),
  • Remove all leftover files
    (forgotten files in upload dir).





  1. Login to your WordPress site and navigate to admin page
  2. Go to Plugins -> Add New
  3. Go to upload section, click “Choose File” button and select plugin file (q-clean.zip)
  4. After successful installation you will get something like this.

What’s coming?

  • Complete Database backup option,
  • Complete site or upload dir backup option,
  • File listing with preview and individual file removal option.


If you have any question, write in comment section!


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